Vega: How To Create a Tournament

  1. Log on to the laptop as the user hdcc.
  2. Double-click on the desktop icon Vega: Create Tournament.
  3. Select the desired tournament type from the menu that is displayed (between 1 and 6).
  4. Enter the year for the tournament in the format "YYYY" (defaults to the current year).
  5. Answer the question as to whether a copy of the vegx template file should be copied (defaults to "y" for "yes").
  6. If the answer to question 5. above was "y", answer the question as to how many rounds there will be in the tournament (between 1 and 20).
  7. Hit the ENTER key to continue.
  8. Double-click on the desktop icon Vega to run the Vega software.
  9. Open up the new tournament in Vega and:

  (a) update the start and end dates of the tournament.

  (b) either:

    (i)  For the Winter Rapid tournament: mark as withdrawn or unavailable players who will not be competing in the tournament or certain rounds thereof, respectively.

    (ii) For other tournaments: re-open registration, delete players who will not be competing in the tournament, and then close registration again.

  (c) regenerate the pairing numbers (this allows for any changes to player ratings).